Pro Finishing Sponge 2

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Two of the most essential makeup sponges, and useful makeup tools to elevate makeup to professional artist level. Far surpassing the traditional makeup wedge and oval sponge, these Esum cosmetics latex-free makeup sponges have double the power to deliver flawless looks. It features two sculpting wedges, two flat angled sizes and two pointed tips to expertly diffuse products for large and small facial areas. The easy to grip rounded sponge accommodates cream, liquid and powder face makeup application, contouring and quick fixes. Reusable and washable. Set of 2 sponges.

How to Use:

Step 1: Wet your sponge. This ensures a smooth application, plus, prevents makeup sponges from absorbing product, avoids waste and, helps them last longer.

Step 2: Squeeze out excess water.

Step 3: Pick up foundation with the larger part of the sponge and, dab onto forehead, cheeks, nose and chin.

Step 4: Using the tip, apply makeup to crevices, small areas and spots where added coverage is desired.

Step 5: For an even application, stipple in small, gentle bouncing motions to blend over your face to eliminate streaks.

To extend the life of your sponge and prevent breakouts, after every use, clean with a makeup sponge cleaner, and replace every three months.

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