Published by Abby Rosenthal on 28th Mar 2023

A candle is born...
In 2001, Chicago native Margo Breznik began her mission to create a sustainable, luxurious candle that elevates almost any space. An idea born out of her candle-making hobby, Margo sought out to create unique, earthy scent blends inspired by music, storytelling, and memories. Starting small, she hand-poured small batches of ethically sourced all-natural soy wax, beeswax, and essential oils. Still a small business, TATINE builds each candle in their US based design and manufacturing studio with a commitment to a full sensory experience and ethical sustainability.
How is TATINE different?
What separates TATINE’s aromatics from other candle brands is their multi-layered scents. To invoke a memory or feeling from a scent is a daunting feat, as it was Margo’s past career in and love for music that enabled her to master this art–as music and smell are similar in that way. The complex scent profiles are carefully curated for each of their candles to hit every part of the olfactory system.
For instance, the “Coast Road” candle begins its burn with top notes of Italian lemon, sage and mandarin zest, which then melts into coriander and jasmine, and finishes with a fade to the base scents of sandalwood and cedar. As a new owner of the candle, you can close your eyes and find yourself with your feet in the sand, the ocean breeze misting across your face, as the moss on the driftwood surrounding you glimmers green in the sunlight. The attention to detail and dedication to the sensory experience allows for a journey to take place as the candle burns.
And there’s more!
Along with their advanced scent profiles, TATINE is known for their sleek, androgynous packaging and design. Each candle is poured into an elegant, glass-blown jar and paired with unique, eye-catching label art. The wax is also available in a variety of colors, from soft pastels to bold hues, making them a visually aesthetic addition to any space. TATINE has since expanded outwards from candles, recently releasing a small line of hand wash and smoothing lotion for skin of all types available in the scents Kashmir and Pine Orange. Packaged in tall,
black glass jars, TATINE lotions and soaps are a decadent addition to any bathroom or kitchen space.
Why do we love the smell?
Here at CODE salon, while we do favor the aesthetics, we find sustainably and a company’s environmental consciousness extremely important. TATINE’s dedication to environmental sustainability goes above and beyond their competitors, as TATINE prioritizes eco-friendly options in all aspects of the business, from production to distribution. Along with the all-natural soy wax and beeswax, TATINE uses a cotton wick which promotes a cleaner, longer 50-hour burn and more importantly, dramatically reduces soot emissions. The company also uses recycled materials for packaging, including recycled paper, cardboard, and non-toxic labeling ink. Almost all of their materials are biodegradable and compostable, greatly reducing their waste and carbon footprint. We love to burn Kashmir and Pine to add to our woody, industrial salon aesthetic, so feel free to take a sniff when you’re in for your next appointment! You can find the candles in the salon or online on Code Shop. TATINE is the ultimate candle choice if you’re looking for a high-end, environmentally-conscious candle company dedicated to helping its customers add a touch of ambiance to their homes.

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