Spotlight on Virtue®

Spotlight on Virtue®

31st Oct 2020

Celebrity Stylist Adir Abergel on his favorite Virtue® hair products

As temperatures drop and we trade our swimsuits for sweaters, there’s a lot more transformation happening than what meets the eyes. “When fall kicks in, the cooler temps bring up a whole new set of issues that cause dryness for hair such as indoor heating, colder weather, and hair static caused by wearing hats and hoodies,” says Virtue Creative Director and celebrity stylist Adir Abergel, whose A-list clientele includes Jennifer Garner, Anne Hathaway, Kristen Stewart, Reese Witherspoon, and Charlize Theron to name a few.

Don’t forget, as we head to the salon to swap our bright summer color for warm autumnal tones, our hair is coming straight off several months of damage––the harshness of sun and sand, buildup from sweat and environmental impurities, and the strain of tossing hair into a top knot or ponytail every other day.

“In the fall, it is really important to make the extra effort to keep hair hydrated and moisturized, whether it’s using the Restorative Treatment Mask for just three minutes of hair therapy in the shower, or masking for a few hours with a slicked-back style,” says Abergel. “Virtue’s key hair care ingredient, Alpha Keratin 60ku®, works to repair damage at the source. Think of this protein as a GPS system for damaged hair repair––it ‘sees’ cracks of damage, and goes where it’s needed to repave and heal the damage, giving you your best hair possible. We also want healthy hair products that will help smooth stressed-out strands, seal in moisture, and help detoxify and balance from the root. What’s so great about Virtue is that you’ve got the best hair products that do it all.”

The good news is that there are a few simple things everyone can do to encourage hair healing in cooler climates. Adir recommends shampooing less if possible. (Virtue makes a great Dry Shampoo, too.) Leave your conditioner in a little longer than usual, splurge on a boar bristle brush to help distribute natural hair oil, and get your ends trimmed and dusted more often during fall and winter to keep your cut fresh. Another good rule of thumb is to limit heat styling and use different types of hair styling techniques, or enhance your natural texture with pro tricks. By using a paper towel to scrunch the ends of your hair, you can rid hair of extra moisture without friction for a frizz-free air dry. And for when you need those hair-healing reinforcements? Here Adir shares five of his favorite Virtue hair products for giving his clients strong, smooth, and shiny strands this fall and beyond.

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