Ceremony Is Everything

Ceremony Is Everything

17th Oct 2022


In a world where we’re ‘always-on’ and forced to actively seek out moments of peace and clarity, Triumph & Disaster defines & refines self-care. In a world where skin and hair care are either too basic or overly clinical, Triumph & Disaster supports skin, body, and haircare rituals, with easy to use, sustainable products that are specifically designed to support our unique skin integrity and natural biology. Everyone has their own story. From the skin we wear, to the life we build around ourselves, our face and persona are the outward presentations of the character within. Triumph & Disaster exists to help us take charge, to define & refine how we look and feel, so we can live the life we want, and be the person we want to be.

The story of Triumph & Disaster began with Dion Nash, a professional cricketer, who spent his youth training the harsh elements making him acutely aware of how his skin made him feel. Years later, when a tattered poem given to him by his father when he was age 13 was uncovered and Dion read the line, ‘If you can meet with Triumph & Disaster and treat those two imposters just the same’, Triumph & Disaster and a new challenge was born.

“Ceremony is everything – I was told this by a friend, what a gift. Ceremony is the process of making your own life more special by adding meaning to the things you do. Since learning this trick, I have tried to wrap a little ceremony into my daily rituals. This can be as simple as having my special coffee mug (sustainable – but also unique to me) or using a shave brush to lather with instead of a cheap shave cream from a can. It might be nine minutes of meditation as my first act of the day with Buddhist prayer bells to mark the start and finish. To be honest what it is does not matter, but the act of underlining something with a small sprinkling of ceremony adds importance, weight, and value. You are worth it. Life is worth it.”

T&D believes in rituals. We call these everyday practices that lead us to moments of clarity and calm our rituals.

T&D founder Dion’s routine is;

1/ Wake and do nine minutes mediation – nine minutes because that is one sleep cycle on my alarm. I should do more – but the practice of non-thought is a beautiful way to start the day.

2/ A short exercise routine – press ups, some stretching and a few abs then shower.

3/ Clean my face – Mondays & Fridays with Rock n Roll scrub – ‘once for business, once for pleasure’. Every other day – Ritual Face Cleanser.

4/ Then a shave using T&D’s great Natural Shave Cream and a shave brush to apply it – (unless of course I’m sporting a beard or stubble upon which a little clean-up is all that’s required).

5/ Moisturize – Gameface is the only product fit for purpose on the market.

We salute those who believe in rituals like these. We salute the moment and the ceremony just before action, the pause before the endeavor, the breath before the fight, because the road to self-improvement is paved in small moments like these.

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